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My Mini Maestros is one of the leading pre- school education programmes in the North West.

At our nursery, we have weekly sessions for both our babies and toddlers and Pre school classes. During the classes the children are introduced to the foundation stages of music in a fun and educational way.

The topics covered every 6 weeks relate to everything in the Early years Foundation Stages and include Multi cultural aspects, numeracy, language and literacy in every lesson.

In our lessons the children enjoy learning about movement, singing, playing instruments and interacting with sound stories. Whilst also learning about pitch, rhythm, dynamics and different genres of music. Children from 6 months to five years old can participate in our classes at the fee of £3.50 per session. This is payable in 6 week blocks to nursery.

Come and have fun at nursery and be a Mini Maestro!

Aquability Swim School

Make a splash with Aquability Swim School at Little Angels

Give your child an essential skill in life by enrolling them in Swim School.

Little Angels provides weekly session for our toddler and Pre-school children to go swimming.

Aquability is based at Hutton Grammar School, teachers there have been teaching children the various skills needed to be a competent and comfortable swimmers across Preston and the surrounding area since 1995.

The cost of each 10-lesson slot is £59.00 per child. This includes transport by Aquability's own fully insured mini bus and driver. (This only works out to £5.90 a lesson).

Little Angels Nursery staff will accompany the children at all times.